Tahiti and Her Islands

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Tahiti and Her Islands and atolls comprise the country of French Polynesia — five island groups or archipelagoes which lie in the South Pacific south of the equator yet in the same time zone as Hawaii.


Tahiti extends over such a large area it took explorers several years to discover and chart all 118 islands. The total area covers more than four million square kilometres (1.5 million square miles!). Total land area of the 118 islands and atolls in French Polynesia covers only 4,000 km² or 1,544 mi²

 The Islands

The most frequently visited islands are Tahiti, the largest island, Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Manihi and Rangiroa. Increasingly, more travellers are discovering the incredible and distinctive beauty that is found throughout the archipelagoes that comprise Tahiti and Her Islands.


Ranges from sea level coral atolls to volcanic mountain peaks. Tahiti is renowned for warm waters, white sand beaches, stunning turquoise lagoons, lush green hills and abundant flowering plants.

 Capital of Tahiti

The city of Papeete on Tahiti, the largest island.


Just over 200,000. About 75% are Polynesian; 15% European and about 10% Chinese.

 Temperatures and Seasons

The average year-round temperature is 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer extends from December through March with warmer climates and more humidity. The winter months are slightly cooler and drier from April through August.

Fresh tropical breezes and ceiling fans are for the most part sufficient to maintain comfort indoors. Many hotels are air-conditioned. Water temperatures average 79 degrees winter and 84 degrees summer with less than a degree of variation from the surface down to a depth of 150 feet.

 Time Difference

2 hours behind Pacific Standard Time; 3 hours during daylight savings time, late April through October.

 Air Service

Frequent airline connections link Tahiti with the West Coast of the U.S., Hawaii, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and South East Asia.

 Travel Time

Approximately eight and a half hours from Los Angeles.


French and Tahitian are official languages. English is widely spoken.


Tourism and agricultural and ocean resources.