Weddings in Mexico

mexicoPlanning your dream wedding can be hard work, just when what you want is to relax and enjoy the process with your loved one. Let us take a load off your mind: browse our hand picked selection of wedding and honeymoon destinations in Mexico, along with overviews of the attractions and hot spots of each area. We also include a list of wedding planners at each location, so you can rest assured those stubborn organisational details are under expert control.

Make your wedding an occasion that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Whether your preferences are on the formal side, or you prefer to let your hair down; whether you’re in search of something natural, rustic and exotic, or smooth, well-run and professional: Mexico has it all. If it’s a beach wedding you have in mind, the hotels of the Mayan Riviera make the perfect setting for an exotic Caribbean wedding, but offer all the comforts of luxury hotels and full catering. If you’re planning something more simple and traditional, why not make your vows in a colonial church or temple in the beautiful cities of Guanajuato or Puebla?

You’ll find the Mexican people friendly and helpful when it comes to organizing your big day, and your first stop is our select list of destinations, key sights and wedding planners. Put your special day in the hands of this special country.
Legal or Symbolic Weddings

Civil wedding ceremonies are the only one legally recognized in your home country and world wide, since it complies with all legal requirements to be fully binding according to international private law. A religious ceremony has no legal bearing and does not replace in any way the binding legal civil marriage. In order to avoid confusion, in Mexico religious ceremonies are held once the religious minister has confirmed that you are legally married and both ceremonies usually take place on the same day. There are also symbolic ceremonies, which assume you are taking care of the legal aspects of your marriage in your home country, but give you, your partner and guests, the significant experience of a destination wedding.

What are the Legal Requirements for a Wedding?
Requirements to get legally married in Mexico (civil wedding):

Marriage request form
Original and copy of birth certificates
Original of prenuncial certificate with proof of not HIV and blood type issued less than 15 days previous to the wedding
Agreement on property ownership
Copy of official photo IDs
Both passports
Proof of residence
If applicable, divorce or death certificate
“Tourist card” issued at entry to Mexican territory
Original and copy of official IDs of witnesses (4)
Foreigners who marry in Mexico must legalize their union in their country of residence
Permission from the Immigration Office for a foreigner to get married

All documents, except the passort, must be apostilled by the authorities of the country where they were issued if not Mexico. Birth certificates must be translated into Spanish by a certified translator.

The wedding coordinator usually arranges a copy of the marriage license to you immediately after the ceremony. The translated, final license –that is valid as legal internationally (recognized as valid in the U.S.) for example- would be mailed to you within one and a half to four months of the wedding.

Please note that If you have been divorced you will need to wait at least one year before remarrying.

Please also consider that if time is too limited to comply with formalities, you can have definitely a beautiful symbolic wedding by all means.

Are Ceremonies Performed in English or Spanish?

Most international wedding ceremonies in Mexico are performed in Spanish with an English translator. Some judges speak English, and many ministers do, however, one cannot guarantee which official will perform the ceremony although most likely the local coordinator can confirm which ministers or spiritual officiant would perform at your wedding. You will need to discuss language aspects with your wedding planner or consultant, in order to make sure that the necessary special arrangements are timely made, so you and your guests feel confortable and part during the wedding ceremony.

The Vacation Hut makes every effort to keep the travel information up to date on this website, however, resorts, wedding packages and laws do change and so we cannot guarantee that all information regarding rules, regulations, and marriage requirements at particular sites are completely accurate at the time of viewing. Before making marriage decisions on a particular destination, we highly recommend you speak with your specialist or wedding coordinator to verify rules at a particular destination before finalizing your travel plans.