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Why Should You Call Wendi for a Destination Wedding?

Planning a destination wedding can be overwhelming.
But you have made the right decision by finding someone who specializes in Destination Weddings. When you work with Wendi, she will manage your expectations and give you the best options that are fit for your special event! She has a specific planning process that helps everyone involved.

Let’s Talk About What Happens Next:

1st- Let’s talk about what you have dreamed this day to be. From attendees to location

2nd- Let’s get down to the heart of it all!

  • A.  Talk about what resorts might be right for you. There is a resort for everyone out there so let’s find your dream location.

  • B.   Budget is important. BOOM she said it! Having seen nice weddings on a budget and seeing over the top weddings,  we can make it happen for you! Budget is  important & it will dictate a lot of decisions along the way. So come up with one that is realistic and attainable then let Wendi work her magic!

3rd- After your reservation is booked, we will send out a digital Save the Date to your guests. These will have Wendi’s contact information so people can work with her at their convenience to set up the travel details.  Best thing is you will receive updated rooming list as to who is going to join you for your special day!

4th- Wendi’s expertise in not only the Travel Industry and Destination Wedding experience is something that comes complimentary with her planning process. How does she do this? Our compensation is supplied by resorts and travel suppliers. This leaves you with no other reason not to call Wendi!


You aren’t planning a group vacation, you are planning the happiest event of your life!

Don’t leave anything up to chance. Let the experts handle getting everyone there for your special day.

We don’t want this one booking, we want a lifetime clients.


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 Top Ten Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding

By Jennifer Baumann
You and the one you love are dreaming of an enchanted getaway, to do nothing less than tie the knot. Why should anyone want to go away, you say? Check out these reasons for taking a sandy route to the altar with a destination wedding.

1. Nearly stress-free planning! – Getting married is quite a big step, so we don’t ever want to say any wedding is completely and totally stress free. But, not having to worry about the seating chart, or who’s going to be the best man could take a lot of worry out of your Big Day.

2. Slim to none chance of inter-family fights – Especially if you invite them along. It’s vacation time for everyone!

3. It’s usually cheaper – There are all-inclusive packages that feature both your wedding and the honeymoon for $4,000 or $5,000, which is darn cheap compared to the average of $20,000 + for a traditional wedding and sit-down dinner reception.

4. Control! – An amazing relief if you’ve ever been part of a traditional wedding with two families involved. All the factors are completely and totally within your hands.

5. Second wedding heaven – Especially if you’ve already been there, done that with a big wedding, second weddings are perfect for the relaxing getaway to a beautiful locale. Don’t forget to ask about activities for the kids!

6. Your honeymoon begins immediately after the ceremony – Now, that’s not bad.

7. Pack light – You can choose your wedding clothes once you arrive in your exotic location! Think snowsuits, island gowns, saris, and of course, shorts.

8. Parental bliss – If they’re coming, you will get to hear them say over and over, “we’ve been wanting to take a vacation!”

9. Use your imagination – You can eat before the ceremony, or after. You could have a cake, or not. You could jump in the ocean, or stay on the sand. Endless opportunities.

10. Fun for those who attend – Think of what you’re doing for them! A cruise, a ski vacation, or a weekend on the beach – who wouldn’t enjoy themselves?

Jennifer Baumann is editor of Wedding Gazette, the resource for real-world wedding planning that’s packed with info on how to plan your budget, how to avoid killing certain family members, exhaustive theme ideas, plus tons of resources on finding favors, necessary accessories, gifts for your groomsmen, and much more.

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