Family Travel

 Thinking it is time to finally plan that family vacation?

We have all been there.  Are my kids too young to go on a vacation?  The answer with certainty is a resounding “NO.”

Travel can broaden a childs mind far beyond what a parent would think. It gives a child a sense of appreciation for what they have and it makes them travel more. Please read this article below from the website

Outsourcing – To send out (work, for example) to an outside provider or manufacturer in order to cut costsMulticulturalism and Globalization: How Does It Affect Your Child?If you are like many Americans you probably live in a city among different kinds of people. Even if you don’t you probably know at least one immigrant. While America has always been a multicultural society the multi part was mostly western European.Today our society is more diverse than ever. More Eastern European, Asian, African and Latin American immigrants than ever have made America their home. In addition the world has become increasing small by globalization. Communicating with someone in India is virtually free (by way of chat programs) and no growing multinational business today can be successful without doing business outside the United States.

What does this all mean for your young one?Well, here are some ways in which multiculturalism and globalization will affect your child:1) At school your children will meet kids of different backgrounds and    nationalities.  They will need to know how to get along and respect these people and their differences.2) Because of increased outsourcing of jobs to countries where labor is cheaper, children will need to have to notch technical skills to get a job.3)  America is a country of many languages, although English is still the official language of business. However, it is becoming increasingly important that one know at least one foreign language.

Many social scientists see Spanish becoming the second language of the U.S.

Here are some strategies you can utilize to help your child in our multicultural and globalized society.

1)  Teach your child to respect the differences of all people. Remind them that if they moved to another country they would be different from the natives and would want to be respected.

2)   Buy multicultural books for your child. Open your child’s mind to the rich diversity of the world through books.

3)   Encourage your child to watch educational programs on multiculturalism. The Discover channel has excellent program dealing with this topic.

4)   Travel with your child to foreign countries. Traveling is one of the best ways to get a different perspective on culture, people and one’s own existence in the world.

5)   If you can’t afford to travel to foreign countries go to an ethnic neighborhood in your area for shopping or dining with your child. You will  probably see traditional art, clothing, restaurants, and shops. Sometimes going local can mean going global!

6)  Have an international dinner night. Buy cookbooks to explore this option.

Terms:Multicultural- Of or relating to a social or educational theory that encourages interest in many cultures within a society rather than in only a mainstream culture.