About Wendi


In 2013 I was faced a what to do question

My answer long searched for and thought out.  I had been worked for other agencies for 10+ years and it was time to strike out and do it myself.  I started an agency called the All Inclusive Travel Hut.  I have the pleasure of helping overworked professionals who need to escape & enjoy time with loved ones in a fabulous beach setting. Vacation time recharges our internal battery that keeps us going. My passion is seeing people experience the destinations of the world together.

My clients are individuals who want to reconnect with special people in their lives.  Maybe a romantic vacation, best friend or family getaway or someone wanting to experience a special celebration in a fabulous destination. The celebrations could be a special birthday, honeymoon, anniversaries, reunions or destination wedding. What kind of special vacation can I plan for you?

Why Call Wendi?

I help clients by understanding their needs and what their vision is for their special vacation.  As a leading Travel Consultant in Houston, I am blessed to be invited to exclusive events put on by the leading wholesalers and resorts in the Travel Industry. This helps me stay current on special price offerings and destination updates. By spending a large amount of time in the different destinations, I get to know each resort’s make up and experience the unique things that make each resort great! This is a huge benefit for my clients.

The result is the client feels special and they get a vacation they will always remember!

Here is the Long of it

Somewhere along the way I got married and had kids.

Then I genuinely learned first hand that 

Travel is truly the only thing you can buy that makes a man, women or child richer.

I travel with my kids and I see the world thru their eyes and it makes all of us better and more humble.

Years ago I was doing freelance and portrait photography jobs. But photography was just not my vision and Wenidtruthfully it wasn’t making me happy. In the midst of this “disengaged” time in my life we started planning a Disney World trip. Soon my time was filled with excitement, planning and anticipation. I had found a new love for planning and reignited my love for Disney.

In 1978 my parents and grandparents took us to Disney World for the first time. My sister and I had the chance to experience the MAGIC with two generations of our family. Even with no video camera and some not so “state of the art” photos we still remember the memories from our childhood. Those are memories of from my childhood that no one can take away. It was a great time when I was a child but now those are wonderful memories that I appreciate more and more.

Then came the college years in Tampa, Florida. I spent time in the parks with large groups of my friends. And yes I was nostalgic when I walked up to the Magic Kingdom gates and remembered as a child that I walked smack into a palm tree at the entrance. So many wonderful memories came flooding back.

We planned a trip with my parents back to Disney World. Now the other memories were fabulous but to take our kids and see Disney unfold in their eyes was PRICELESS! My kids were able to connect with my parents in the way that can’t be done while dealing with the everyday life.

We returned home and I was at a loss of what to do with my energies. I missed the planning, conversations and the overwhelming excitement. I then realized my calling. I did the research, met with an agency in Houston and took the necessary steps to become a vacation specialist.

My journey into the travel industry had begun. I realized that my knowledge was lengthy and people needed my input and advice. WOW what a concept! I loved to talk and who didn’t want to talk about travel?

Now 12 years later, the excitement still drives me to build wonderful getaways. My knowledge has grown exponentially as well as my long list of repeat clients. I have worked hard to align my self with quality people and the planning of quality vacations. Last year I mastered the Tahiti Tourism Tiare program as well as the Fiji Matai Specialist program. These were specialties that I had wanted to accomplish for almost 8 years. But really longer than that. See in junior high I did a project on Fiji. It was a small island that none of my friends knew about. Even all that time ago I knew the South Pacific was something that I needed to be a part of.

My love for travel is vast and includes all foreign beaches and island destinations. It has taken me to many fabulous destinations and resorts.

Let me share my memories with you!

… Disney will always be my first love but

my heart is somewhere under a palm tree in a hammock on the beach …