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“I Want the Lobster, the Kind That’s Already Dead”

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…And my face drops in humiliation! When traveling with kids you must be ready for a little of everything. You just hope you recognize that look in your kids face when they are fixing to do something truly & remarkably dumb. At least to give you the chance to defray the situation before utter humiliation

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Studies Reveal Health Benefits of Vacations

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Take that vacation to lower risk of heart attack and depression, or move near a park for better mental health. I have been saying this for years! We are all built with an “internal battery.” It drives us, excites us and inspires us.  When we live our day to day lives sometimes that passion needs

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Why is there a small hole in the airplane window and why does a ring of ice crystals form?

The Real Reason Why There’s a Tiny Hole in Airplane Windows

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I recently read an article that I found interesting.  I wonder how many of you have wondered the same thing? It turns out that itsy bitsy hole in the bottom of your airplane window is actually a very important safety feature. It’s all-too-easy to let your mind wander when you’re confined to a tiny box

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What clients have to say about Wendi

Each time I get ready to plan a vacation, I immediately contact Wendi and ask her to help me out. She's always provided me the best, friendliest service. I am always happy with my accommodations. I highly recommend Wendi!

Amazing Vacation Planner

( Kim Godejohn-Swan )

WOW! What an amazing experience! Our family did not know what to expect our first time at Disney World with the entire family. In-laws and all but Wendi helped show me it was affordable. Wendi planned the entire trip and was always there to help me with even the simplest of questions. Wendi loves her job, she knows where to travel and where to find the best food when you get there. My family is ready to start planning the next amazing experience.


Disney Dream Trip!

( Daisy Perez )

Wendi planned our 50th Anniversary trip to Hawaii for the whole family! There were 10 of us in all. We were there 9 days. Everything went very smoothly...No problems at all. Everything was ready for us when we arrived! From rental cars, inter Island flights. to hotels. We wouldn't change anything about the trip she arranged! Thanks Wendi!


Amazing 50th Anniversary Trip!

( Marsha Dukes Swanson and Family )

Wendi leaves nothing undone! Every trip she has planned for us has been outstanding! We are always treated like royalty and she makes sure that our vacations are truly vacations! The only thing we have to do is pack! She also makes sure we have the best price and flight times!


Treated us like VIP’s!

( Kelli Gardner )

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